Far and Large Offshore Wind (FLOW) was a joint research programme of thirteen Dutch companies and knowledge institutions who are working together on innovation to reduce the cost of offshore wind energy. Worldwide knowledge and experience of wind farms far offshore and at great depths is still in its early stages; FLOW aims to increase the reliability of this type of wind farm, to accelerate development, to reduce risks and at the same time to significantly contribute to reducing the cost of offshore energy by more than 20%.

The research at FLOW focused on five themes:

  1. Wind farm design
  2. Support Structures
  3. Electrical systems and grid integration
  4. Turbine development
  5. Societal R&D lines

The results of the FLOW programme will enable Dutch companies to adopt a leading position in the international market for offshore wind farms. This unique public-private partnership has been set up by 2-B Energy, Ballast Nedam, ECN, Eneco, IHC Merwede, RWE, TenneT, TU Delft, Van Oord and XEMC Darwind.

On January first 2016 the research activities were completed. The final results were presented during the wind days in Rotterdam on June 15, 2016. At the same day a book with the results, see below, was handed over to the Minister of Economic Affairs, Mr. Henk Kamp.

Recent news:

Download the FLOW Book here (English) or here (Dutch)

Offshore wind in a big FLOW

FLOW book handed over to Minister Kamp

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